Bozica Radjenovic, M. A.




1991 M. A. from University of Art / The Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, sculpture

1989 B. A. from University of Art / The Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, sculpture

1984 High School for Industrial Design, Belgrade


Solo Exhibitions and Special Projects


2021 Flood Line, drawings and sculptures, Karsh Masson Gallery, Ottawa

2016 What if.., drawings and small sculptures, Central Art Garage, Ottawa
2016 Contemporary Fabric, Ottawa Art Gallery Annex, Ottawa

2015 Wild Threads, site specific installation, collaboration with Mississauga Art Gallery
2015 Take Sweater It’s Cold, South of 60 Art Centre, Barry’s Bay, Canada


2014 Three Colours of  Red, drawings, sculptures, Gallery of KCB Belgrade, Serbia, (with V. Perunovich and O. Parlic)

2014 Three Colours of Red, drawings, sculptures, Contemporary Gallery, Zrenjanin, Serbia, (with V. Perunovich and  O. Parlic)

2014 Three Colours of Red, drawings, sculptures, Contemporary Art Gallery, Subotica, Serbia, (with V. Perunovich and  O. Parlic)

2014 Keeping the Fire, drawings, Blink Gallery, Ottawa, Canada (with M. Lezon)


2013 Unravelling Tension, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, sculptures, Almonte, Canada

2013 An Element of Destruction, RIA Artist Project Room, drawings, sculpture and performance, Ottawa Canada


2012 Thread- Nit, Cultural Centre Belgrade, sculptures, Belgrade, Serbia

2012 Blue, Gallery of Faculty of Arts, sculptures,  Belgrade, Serbia

2012 Emotional Mending, Fieldworks, installations, Perth, Canada

2012 In the Dark, Blink Gallery, installation, collaboration with Jean Jewer, Ottawa, Canada


2011 “Take A Sweater It’s Cold” sculptures, Karsh Masson Gallery, Ottawa, Canada

2011 Sweater for a Pine Tree, Harbourfront Centre, sculpture, Toronto, Canada

2011 This Too Shell Pass, Blink Gallery, Ottawa, Canada

2011“Infusion” duo show at Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada


2010 Compulsion, sculptures, Blink Gallery, Ottawa, Canada

2010 Blok Gallery, sculptures and installations, Belgrade, Serbia

2010 Corridor Galley, installations Ottawa, Canada


2009 Belonging/Nostalgia, Blink Galley, sculptures Ottawa, Canada

2009 About Diligence, paintings, objects and installation, Centre d’exposition L`Imagier, Aylmer, Canada


2004 Ariadne’s Thread, paintings, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa, Canada


2003 Between Dream and Daydreaming, Centre d’exposition L`Imagier Gallery, small sculptures Aylmer, Canada

2003 Out Aut Gallery of Modern Art, sculptures, Toronto, Canada


1993 Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Arts Gallery, sculptures  (with D.Jelenkovic and M.Vasiljevic), Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1993 Foyer Gallery, small sculptures and drawings, Ottawa, Canada


1991 Kolarac University Art Gallery, sculptures, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1991 Youth Hall Gallery, sculptures and drawings (with D.Jelenkovic and M.Vasiljevic) ,Belgrade, Yugoslavia


1989 Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, sculptures and drawings , Belgrade, Yugoslavia


Awards and Grants


2020 Microcosms, City of Ottawa Covid 19 mini grant

2017 Canada council for the Arts, Project Grant
2017 Ontario Council for the Arts, Mid Career Production Grant
2016 City of Ottawa, Production Grant A
2015 Ottawa Art East, Art Place

2014 Travelling Grant, Canada Council for the Arts

2013 Production grant B, City of Ottawa

2013 Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance

2013 Politika Award, best exhibition in 2012 in Serbia (short listed)

2012 Ontario Arts Council, Emerging Artist

2012 Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council

2010 Grant B, City of Ottawa

2010 Exhibition Assistance, Ontario Arts Council

2009 Grant B, City of Ottawa

2008 First Prize for the Best Intervention On Chair. Aylmer, Centre d’exposition L’Imagier

2008 Finalist Innovative Spirit Award, Finalist, Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Festival

2002 Open October Salon award “Big Finger”

1992 The best exhibition in 1991, Serbian Arts Council Award


Public Collection

The Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade 1991

Trajkovic Collection, Belgrade, 2009, 2010

City of Ottawa Fine Art Collection 2011, 2012

Zepter Museum, Belgrade 2012


Public Commissions

Bicycle Rack Design, Ottawa


Selected Group Exhibitions


2020 Intrenational Art Fair Toronto, represented by Central Art Garage

2019 IPCNY, UMBRA new prints, New York, USA

2018 Include/Exclude, performance, inauguration of Ottawa art Gallery, Ottawa

2017 PASSE INAPERÇU, Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf, Quebec

2016 Contemporary Fabric, Ottawa Art Gallery Annex, Ottawa {September)

2015 FAT, Alternative Art and Fashion Show, Toronto

2014 16th Art Biennale Pancevo, Time Lines: Documents, Pancevo, Serbia

2014 21st Tapestry Biennale, Kuca Kralja Petra, Belgrade, Serbia

2014 One, Central Art Garage, Ottawa, Canada

2014 The Textile Show, Gallery 101, Ottawa, Canada

2014 Never Forever, RIA, Ottawa , Canada


2013 La nuit blanshe, performance, Blink Gallery, Ottawa, Canada

2013 Quartair, Interference curated by Petra Halkes, The Hague, The Netherlands

2013 Danish Immigration Museum, Hjem, Dom, Home, curated by Tine Moller Sorensen, Farum, Denmark

2013 New Acquisitions, Zepter Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

2013 Anonymous Drawings, 2013 curated by Anke Becker, Nord Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2013 Anonymous Drawings, 2013 curated by Anke Becker The TAC in Eindhoven, The Netherlands


2012 Nostalgica, Curated by Leona Nikolic, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa

2012 Void, Enriched Bread Artist

2012 Personal Entourage, Trajkovic Collection, Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, Serbia

2012 Close To Home, Ottawa City Hall Gallery, Ottawa, Canada

2012 pArty, Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada

2012 Too Close, Blink Gallery, Ottawa, Canada


2011 Hjem, Dom, Home, curated by Tine Moller Sorensen, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 Sculpture After Late Modernism, Gallery 73, Belgrade ,Serbia

2011 Draw, EBA, drawings, group exhibition, Ottawa,Canada

2011 Chinatown Remixed, drawings, Ottawa,Canada

2011 Black Velvet, Blink Gallery, drawings and installation, Ottawa, Canada

2011 Homage to Louise Bourgeois, Shankmans Art Centre, Ottawa, Canada

2011 In(habitus), curated by Diane Bond and Things Happen, curated by  Petra Halkes, BLINK Gallery Ottawa, Canada


2010 The Fragile Timeline, Matica Srpska, drawings, Novi Sad, Serbia

2010 The Fragile Timeline, Museum of Yugoslav History, drawings, Belgrade, Serbia

2010 Atmosphere, Centre d’exposition L’Imager, installation, Aylmer,Canada

2010 Chinatown Remixed, installation, Ottawa, Canada

2010 Adam’s Rib, Marin Gallery, Umag, Croatia

2010 Window Project, installation, Ottawa, Canada

2010 C4 Gallery , Ottawa, Canada


2009 Toronto Alternative Art and Fashion Show, Distillery, Toronto, Canada


2008 Ride Me-The Art Of Urban Transport, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada

2008 Strange Encounter, Centre d’exposition L’Imager, Aylmer, Canada

2008 Toronto Alternative Art and Fashion Show, Distillery, Toronto, Canada


2007 27th  Annuel Juried Show , Arts Etobicoke Gallery, Toronto,Canada

2007 Pigs’ Tales, Centre d’exposition L’Imager, Aylmer,Canada


2006 Intimacy, Centre d’exposition L’Imager, Aylmer, Canada


2005 Centre d’exposition L’Imagier Métamorphose, Aylmer, Canada

2004 Centre d’exposition L’Imagier, Le meuble, Aylmer, Canada

2003 Premier Exhibition, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa,

2003 Open October Salon, Out Aut Gallery of Modern Art, Toronto,

2003 Art Salon 2003, Praxis Gallery, Toronto,


2002 Out Aut Gallery of Modern Art, Open October Salon, Toronto, Canada

1994 First Youth Yugoslavian Biennial , National Art Gallery, Vrsac, Yugoslavia

1993 Yugoslavian Sculpture Biennial ,Olga Petrov Gallery, Pancevo, Yugoslavia

1993, The New Figuration, Olga Petrov Gallery,  Pancevo,

1992 Contemporary Yugoslavian Drawings Biennial, Sombor, Yugoslavia

1992 Kolarac University Art Gallery, annual exhibition, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1992 The Art Colony, Olga Petrov Gallery, Pancevo, Yugoslavia

1992 Cvijeta Zuzoric Art Pavilion, Drawings and Small Sculptures, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1992 Critics Have Chosen Cultural Center Art Pavilion, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1991 International Biennale of Small Sculptures,  Misko Kranjcevic Gallery, Murska Sobota, Slovenia

1991 The XXXl October Salon,  Lada Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1991 Drawings and Small Sculptures Cvijeta Zuzoric Art Pavilion, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1990 XXII Youth Salon, Art Pavilion,  Zagreb, Yugoslavia

1990 Exhibition of the newly accepted members of ULUS, ULUS Gallery,  Belgrade, Yugoslavia


Media and Publications


2020 Jenny McMaster, Flood Line, catalogue

2014 Emily Falvey, Textile Gets Tactical at Gallery 101, Canadian Art, Oct.

2014 Petra Halkes, Uraveling Tension, Espace No 107

2014 Ania Szneps, Apt 613, May 28

2013 Sherry Topalski, Bozica Radjenovic’s natural starving at the April edition of RIA Artist Project Room, Guerilla, May 7, Ottawa, Canada

2013 Petra Halkes, An Element of Destruction, RIA Artist Room Project, Ottawa, Canada


2012 Bojana Buric, Thread, Belgrade Cultural Centre, Serbia

2012 Ljiljana Cinkul, Politika, 20 July, Serbia

2012 Leona Nikolic , Nostalgica, La Petite Mort Gallery, Canada 


2011 Jesa Denegri, Sculpture After Late Modernism, Belgrade, Serbia

2011 Tine Møller Sørensen, HJEM-DOM-HOME, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 Jaenine Parkinson, Plenty To See at EBA Open Studios, APT 613, Ottawa

2011 Barbara Cuerden, Radjenovic’s Newly Knitted Reality ,Oct 17, Guerilla, Ottawa

2011 Bojana Buric, Three Colours or In Search For Third Space, Ottawa

2011 Patrick Connors, Lorène Bourgeois and Bozica Radjenovic, News4 28Aug, Toronto


2010 The Sole Of An Artist, Corridor Gallery Adam Volk, X Press Jan, 28,Ottawa

2010 Bojana Buric, June ,Belgrade, Serbia

2010 Ljiljana Cinkul, Ariadne’s Thread, Politika, June , Belgrade, Serbia


2009 Marianne Breton, About Diligence, March /April, Aylmer, Canada
2009 Claude Bouchard, Le Droit, July, Aylmer, Canada


2008 Matthew Pearson, Designs Chosen for Bank Street bike racks, The Ottawa Citizen, July 21


2007 Dominique Poirier, Petit cochon inspiration! La Revue


2006 Claude Bouchard, Entre plastique et miniatures, Le Droit, 07


2003 Anita Euteneier, Scualpting  Style, X Press

2003 Paul Gessell, Ottawa Citizen Nov. 27


1998 Jasmina Cubrilo, Belgrade, Art in The Nineties, A Personnel View, Art at The End Of The Century

1998 Mileta Prodanovic,In Interspace Between "High" And" Underground" Art, Art At The End Of The Century


1993 Svetlana Mladenov, Figure

1993 Dejan Sretenovic, Soft Sculpture, Salon Muzeja Savremene Umetnosti

1993 Joyce MacPhee, Traces-Sculptures and Drawings, Market Place No. 5

1993 Sava Stepanov, About a Sculpture Reviling Levels of Meaning, Sveske


1992 Dejan Sretenovic, Question Of The Sculptures, Vreme 27.04.

1992 Nada Seferovic, Critics Have Chosen, Belgrade


1991 Dubravka Lakic, Delight of Reading Tree Rings Politika 31 12.

1991 Jesa Denegri, Bienal of Youth, Rieka

1991 Mirjana Celar-Marijanovic, Autobiographic Expressions, Ekspres Politika

1991 Mirjana Radojcic, XXXII October Salon, Traces And  Sculptures, Belgrade

1991 Aleksandra Andrejevic, Bozica Radjenovic’s Sculptures, Likovni Zivot No.36

1991 Bata Ljubisic, Likovni Zivot No. 33, 34, 35

1991 Savo Popovic, Bozica Radjenovic’s Sculptures, Borba 16.09.1991

1991 Ljubomir Gligorijevic, Kolarac Poeples’University Art Gallery, Joy For The Storm, Belgrade 1991

1991 Lidija Merenik, Sculptures: Vasiljevic, Jelenkovic, Radjenovic, Moment No. 22. Belgrade 1991

1991 Mileta Prodanovic, Between Sign and Narration, Knjizevne Novine No 815

1991 Zoran Markus, On The Trace of Modernism, Politika 18.02.1991

1991 Lidija Merenik, Youth Hall Gallery, Belgrade


1990 Lidija Merenik, XXII youth Salon, One Segment of The Belgrade’s Sculpture, Scene, Zagreb


1989 Marko Kratohvil, Gallery of The Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade

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